The Kelly family is proud to be just the 5th owners of "Brownies Inn", an historic tavern in South Beaver Township near Darlington, PA. Brownies has been a family owned establishment and part of the local community for over 70 years. We are excited to carry on the tradition and history of Brownies and move forward as your local “Public House”, A place to meet friends, family and neighbors to enjoy great beer, ales and spirits while tasting some of the best and freshest pub food in Beaver County.

The Public House (or Pub) was the traditional center of the community in England and Ireland. The Public House was where the people of the community came together to socialized, gossip, network, and discuss the latest news of the day. Located in a public home, with the husband busy at work, the AleWife would signal the community that a new batch of ale was ready for consumption by hoisting a bush atop a pole outside the pub.

Here at J Kells, we strive to recreate the comfortable feel of a traditional Public Alehouse by providing an inviting atmosphere, great service, and the best food and ale we can offer. Please know that we are always thankful and appreciative of your patronage...Relax, have a beverage and let us serve you.

John Patrick Kelly, Publican